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For your convenience we drafted some answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Cloubrid provides a complete managed service with clear SLA’s. This includes technical support as well as operational management.
Cloubrid is ready to go. If you have a NetApp FAS with cDOT you can easily connect to the Cloubrid Data Fabric for management and replication. NetApp’s unique replication technology allows for unparalleled data portability between NetApp instances on-premise or in the cloud.
Cloubrid offers backup and archive storage workloads based on NPS or AWS and Azure cloud services. Storage tiers for DR, archive and/or back-up can easily be selected so you can build your own security level.
No, Cloubrid allows data portability within it’s Data Fabric and outside. This means based on the same technology you can securely replicate your data out of our cloud. Of course within your choice of contract terms.
Pricing is set transparent and published on the website. depending on your specific requirements pricing and terms could change. We offer services  delivered by Cloubrid on NPS or combined with AWS and Azure.
Migration services are available when online initial uploads are inefficient. We will offer fixed price migration services for the Data Fabric as well as Backup.
Cloubrid is a certified CDP partner and our services are based on NetApp technology. NetApp has certified our solution and services before granting their support. Cloubrid offers their services to the NetApp channel with the active support of the NetApp organization.
Cloubrid sells storage tiers for each workload and replication services for all purposes to ensure data availability throughout the whole data lifecycle
Yes, the Data Fabric is build on NetApp technology. Once we control the data we have SnapShots for easy and fast recovery and based on that technology we can offer SnapClone that instantly offers a duplication of your data-set.
Yes, Cloubrid offers backup workloads that can receive backup data through VEEAM or Commvault. Another option is to connect your SAN storage to a NetApp gateway that allows connectivity directly to the Data Fabric. It will instantly provide a full set of data management capabilities to you SAN.
The Cloubrid services are extremely scalable due through direct integration with AWS and Azure allowing unparalleled flexibility. Any Storage or compute instantly at your service.
Performance is based on your choice of storage tier connected to your choice of compute platform. This could be Cloubrid, AWS or Azure. Cloubrid has low-latency connections to both AWS and Azure.
You can call, mail or send a request through our website. Once we have an agreement we will provide all necessary contact details to ensure the highest partner and customers satisfaction.
No, Cloubrid is 100% committed to the channel. we only sell our services through the channel. Our NetApp partner status does not allow direct end-customer engagement, so there is no risk for partners teaming up with Cloubrid.
Cloubrid offers a full set of additional services for your convenience. Migration services, cDOT migration, installation, recovery, etc. We will provide all necessary services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
Yes, we would prefer to do an initial healthcheck to ensure the best service implementation while maximizing you investments. Regular healthchecks can be offered on request.
All the data is secure in our Data Fabric. You have a choice of datacenter locations and storage tiers. Additionally we can provide additional security option for compliancy or specific needs.
Yes, Cloubrid provides 24/7 support. The Data Fabric is a managed service that is managed and operated based on pre-arranged SLA’s. We ensure operational excellence for all services delivered.
Cloubrid is extremely flexible and scalable, so yes we can accommodate all requests. Additional storage, other storage tiers or optional compute can easily be added.
Within the Data Fabric all connections are monitored and managed. Next to that we always have redundant or alternative connections. Replications will automatically resume once connections are restored while your data remains consistent. If the connection to our Data Fabric is lost we will support you in finding the right solution.
Yes, Cloudbrid holds partnerships with Azure and AWS and is fully certified to offer and implement both. The combination with NetApp’s Data Fabric is very powerfull. AWS and Azure both adopted NetApp in their portfolio. Cloubrid is the single contact for the partner.


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