Become Cloubrid partner

Become a Cloubrid Partner today!
Increase your margin, build additional business value and satisfy your customers

Cloubrid’s Data Fabric as a Service (DFaaS) is a unique fully managed hybrid cloud service delivered securely from our datacenters in the Netherlands and Europe.

As a partner you can instantly add these services to you portfolio without risk or investment.

Your customers are considering cloud, are you?

Cloubrid is a 100% supported initiative by NetApp. Being a Certified Delivery Partner we deliver a full set of Managed hybrid cloud Services based on NetApp’s Data Fabric technology for the NetApp Partner community. Cloubrid is 100% channel focussed.

Todays public cloud offerings are a proven alternative for end-customers IT challenges. They want all the advantages these flexible and scalable Cloud services deliver, however without the complexity and hassle. At Cloubrid we created a hybrid cloud services platform, ready for you to add to your portfolio and regain control over your customer base. Without ANY investment required, without ANY risk and without ANY hassle!

Cloubrid Data Fabric as a Service includes:
Your choice of Cloubrid,AWS or Azure Cloud storage
Low latency connections to the AWS and Azure Cloud compute
Consistent Data portability between on-premise, Private and/or Public Clouds
Fully managed services with 24/7 support based on enterprise Service Levels
Transparent pricing for all storage and compute workloads
Highest level of certifications: NetApp, AWS and Azure

So why wait? Accelerate your business, secure your install base and increase customer engagement.